The 2018 Palmetto Championships

10-and-Under Draws

All 10-and-Under matches will be played on a 78' court using the green ball. All 10U matches during the 2018 Palmetto Championships will be played on clay courts at Brookstone Meadows.

Players are required to move through the USTA Progression earning stars and trophies in orange ball events (unless they were grandfathered into green ball at the end of 2016). Orange ball 60' 10-and-under competition will not be offered at the 2018 Palmetto Championships.

Visit and click on "The Quest for Stars and Trophies" or contact James Tart at for information on how your 10-and-under child may advance through the youth tennis progression and qualify for green ball competition.


  • Singles-No-Ad scoring, mini-sets with first 4 games (win by 2). A 7-point tiebreaker will be played when games reach 4-all. A 7-point tiebreaker will be played in lieu of a third set.
  • Doubles-One no-ad set with a 7-point tiebreaker at 6-all.


  • Singles-Compass draw with numerous consolation draws. Players will continue to play through the weekend, win or lose.
  • Doubles-Regular draw with no consolation.

Lunch will be provided for all 10-and-under players and families at Brookstone Meadows from 11:30 to 2:00 Friday.

Note: The 10-and-under divisions play out in 3 days. Pending weather delays competition will end on Sunday afternoon.


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