The 2021 Palmetto Championships

Warm up/practice courts:

All courts in Belton are used for tournament play and are available for warm up or practice before play begins daily or after play concludes.

The courts at Anderson University may not be used without tournament staff present.

Eight hard courts at the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center, Jim Ed Rice BLVD, Anderson, SC 29621 are available at any time, including after dark.

Courts at the 2 private clubs, Brookstone Meadows (2 hard courts and 8 clay courts) and Cardinal Racket Club (4 hard courts) must be reserved with the tennis professional. Cardinal's clay courts may not be used without special permission. Contacts are below:


 Tournament Rules

A 5-minute warm up is allowed for every match.

USTA Rules and The Code will govern play....refer to Friend At Court.  The USTA Point Penalty System will be in effect and enforced.  All infractions will be reported and result in suspension points.

Players who start the tournament are expected to complete all scheduled matches (including consolation and playoffs) unless they are injured, ill or have a family emergency or a school conflict. Failure to complete the tournament will result in South Carolina and Southern suspension points.

Players may enter doubles only.

No coaching or interference from parents, coaches or spectators will be allowed.  Misbehavior or the demonstration of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.

USTA certified referees will be at every headquarters site, and USTA certified officials will be at every court location.

Athletic trainers will be available during the tournament.

Please respect our facilities. Please place trash in containers and return chairs, etc. to their original location. If you see a problem with any facility (courts, restrooms, grounds, etc.) please report it to the official there.

Dress Code:  Proper (modest) tennis attire is required.

Cell Phones: Players' cell phones must be turned off prior to warm up. Talking on cell phone is not allowed on court except during breaks between the 2nd and 3rd sets. The ringer on cell phones belonging to parents, coaches or spectators must be turned off when in close proximity to the courts.  Please move away from the court when talking on a cell phone to avoid distracting the players or other spectators.


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