Belton Tennis

63rd Palmetto Championships
May 24 - 27, 2019

Action PhotoThe Palmetto Championships, presented by Chick-fil-A of Anderson, was hosted by the Belton Tennis Association for the 63rd straight year May 24-27. Over 465 players participated over 3 1/2 days on 55 courts in Belton, Anderson and Clemson.

After rain in 2018, the tournament experienced extreme heat this year with high temperatures of at least 95 degrees every day. The tournament committee opted to go to no-ad scoring in the feed-in consolation to shorten the potential length of matches. Under the new format to finish on Monday afternoon some players were required to play 3 singles matches in one day. Championships were determined for boy and girls in singles and doubles in 5 age categories.

Players from the upstate came out with the most singles championships with 6. Players from the midlands captured 1 title and the coast 3 titles. Several other honors and awards were presented by the tournament. The Dunlop Scholarship went to John Edward Cahill from Conway, a recent graduate of Myrtle Beach High School who will attend the Citadel this fall. Three sportsmanship awards were also presented:

  • Action PhotoMalloy Evans Memorial Sportsmanship Award - Eleanor Campbell, Daniel Island
  • Matthew Strange Memorial Sportsmanship Award - Liam Payne, Taylors
  • Kimberly Hampton Memorial Sportsmanship Award - Katie Godfree, Myrtle Beach

Chick-fil-A of Anderson served at the tournament's title sponsor. Presenting sponsors included Dunlop, Waste Connections, Pepsi, Smith Stearns TActionennis Academy, Wells Fargo and Playsafe. A number of other local companies and individuals also served as sponsors.

Tournament Chairman Rex Maynard said: "We used a new format in order to complete the tournament on Monday. This required some players to have 3 singles matches in one day, but the majority of people seemed willing to do this and finish a day earlier. We played a lot of matches and the higher than expected temperatures were a factor, but the players were well prepared and we had very few heat related issues. The heat was easier to deal with than all the rain we had last year! The staff did a great job and we finished on schedule Monday afternoon. The new Clemson facility, which has 18 courts and was where we played the 14-and-under divisions Saturday and Sunday, was a big help, as were all the facilities. We're proud to host the state's strongest and largest junior tournament in Belton and hope to be able to continue this tradition for many years to come."

The results of the championship matches were:

  • 10U Boys Doubles - Townsend Mikell (Okatie, SC) & Huck Reynolds (1) (Mount Pleasant, SC) def. Dawson Daves (Conway, SC) & Jacob Harrelson (2) (Myrtle Beach, SC) 6-3
  • 10U Boys Singles - Carson Kuchar (Six Mile, SC) def. Huck Reynolds (3) (Mount Pleasant, SC) 4-5, 4-1, 1-0
  • 12U Boys Doubles - Sutton Severance (Daniel Island, SC) & Jacobus Smit (1) (Fort Mill, SC) def. Graeme Angus (Beaufort, SC) & Noah Johnston (2) (Anderson, SC) 6-1
  • 12U Boys Singles - Noah Johnston (4) (Anderson, SC) def. Nolan Bohan (2) (Pawleys Island, SC) 6-4, 6-7, 1-0
  • 14U Boys Doubles - Mathew Krusling (Irmo, SC) & Sanjeev Undamatla (1) (Greer, SC) def. Brandon Mercado (Daniel Island, SC) & Otto Sewell (3) Mount Pleasant, SC) 6-0
  • 14U Boys Singles - Mathew Krusling (4) (Irmo, SC) def. Sanjeev Undamatla (3) (Greer, SC) 6-4, 6-2
  • 16U Boys Doubles - Robert Hagen (Hilton Head Island, SC) & Davis Phillips (1) (Hilton Head Island, SC) def. Nikhil Kulkarni (Simpsonville, SC) & Graeme Simpson (3) (Greenwood, SC) 6-2
  • 16U Boys Singles - Nikhil Kulkarni (5) (Simpsonville, SC) def. Brolin Dorsey (5) (Anderson, SC) 7-5, 6-4
  • 18U Boys Doubles - Matthew Pitts (Greer, SC) & MaxOfficialswell Smith (2) (Daniel Island, SC) def. Rushil Patel (Duncan, SC) & Ashe Ray (1) (Spartanburg, SC) 6-2
  • 18U Boys Singles - Ashe Ray (1) (Spartanburg, SC) def. Maxwell Smith (2) (Daniel Island, SC) 2-6, 7-5, 1-0
  • 10U Girls Doubles - Mary Hannah Morrison (Myrtle Beach, SC) & Mahaley Swink (1) (Florence, SC) def. Kaya Baker (Daniel Island, SC) & Carly Dowe (Hilton Head Island, SC) 7-5
  • 10U Girls Singles - Mary Hannah Morrison (1) (Myrtle Beach, SC) def. Mahaley Swink (2) (Florence, SC) 4-1, 1-4, 1-0
  • 12U Girls Doubles - Olivia Bull (Myrtle Beach, SC) & Anna Claire Roof (3) (Conway, SC) def. Trice McClure (Bluffton, SC) & Isabella Nava (4) (Daniel Island, SC 6-4
  • 12U Girls Singles - Ellasyn Deford (3) (Mount Pleasant, SC) def. Olivia Bull (2) (Myrtle Beach, SC) 4-6, 6-2, 1-0
  • 14U Girls Doubles - Gabrielle Bohan (Pawleys Island, SC) & Emily Ruckno (2) (Hilton Head, SC) def. Mckenzie Davis (Florence, SC) & Mary Kat Stricklin (3) (Columbia, SC) 6-3
  • 14U Girls Singles - Keira Stewart (1) (Simpsonville, SC) def. Emily Ruckno (4) (Hilton Head, SC) 7-6, 6-1
  • 16U Girls Doubles - Mattie Grace Dermody (Charleston, SC) & Alice Otis (2) (Charleston, SC) def. Ella Faessler (Hilton Head Island, SC) & Margaret Navarro (1) (Charleston, SC) 6-3
  • Official 16U Girls Singles - Mattie Grace Dermody (5) (Charleston, SC) def. Chloe Narboni (9) (Columbia, SC) 6-1, 3-1 Ret (inj)
  • 18U Girls Doubles - Brooke Bittner (Greer, SC) & Shianna Guo (2) (Mount Pleasant, SC) def. Emily Elliott (Daniel Island, SC) & Tatiana Harrelson (3) (Myrtle Beach, SC) 7-5
  • 18U Girls Singles - Brooke Bittner (4) (Greer, SC) def. Callie Billman (3) (Mount Pleasant, SC) 2-6, 7-5, 1-00


Photos of 2019 PC Award Winners:
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